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The new collection of VELUX blinds comprises a broad range of colours and designs created in collaboration with the Pej Gruppen Scandinavian trends institute. As a result you can easily find the perfect colours and patterns for your space, achieving colour harmony, irrespective of whether you wish to scatter the incoming daylight or block it completely.

With the new offering of roller blinds you will achieve harmonious interior colour compositions that perfectly match the style of your interior arrangement. You can play with monochrome shades or combine neighbouring colours from the colour wheel. Thanks to 70 mellow shades inspired by nature you will easily introduce Scandinavian accents into your interiors. Or, if you wish to give your space a personal touch, you can choose from among 1800 shades from the NCS or RAL colour palette. Those looking for cheerful patterns are bound to enjoy our collection for children that will transport them into the world of fairy tales.

Roller blinds are available with white or aluminium guides. The version made of matte aluminium matches wooden windows perfectly, and the white one is in the same shade as wood-and-polyurethane windows, which makes for the perfect match. The side guides and the top strip have the same width and they are really narrow. After rolling up the cloth the blinds do not block the sunlight and provide a unique aesthetic effect.

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The new offering of interior roller blinds with unique shades and patterns has been prepared to make it easier for the customers to match the blind's type to its colour, and also enable installation of various types of roller blinds in a room or throughout the house while maintaining colour consistency. Now, you can first choose the model of the blind whose features meet your expectations, and then pick its colour from a rich palette of shades and patterns.

Original VELUX roller blinds are matched to VELUX roof windows, which ensures perfect fit without the need to take additional measurements. VELUX roof windows are offered in standard sizes, so all you need to do is note down the code from the label attached to the window leaf to know what size blind you need to buy. Thanks to the system of factory-installed fittings, installation of VELUX manual roller blinds on the windows is very simple and takes about 10 minutes.

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Thanks to VELUX  blinds, depending on the model, you can completely darken or shade the interior, lightly scatter the light in the room or adjust its angle of incidence. It is possible thanks to using different fabrics, textures, and structures of the blinds. 

VELUX pleated roller blinds that offer the light scattering effect can be operated with the top or bottom side rail. The blind can be stopped at any height to conveniently adjust the amount of sunlight without the need to darken the room completely, and additionally you also gain the guarantee of privacy. If you need full control over the light and you need the option to darken the room during the day, then the blackout blinds or the pleated blackout blinds will be a good solution. Other functions are provided by energy-saving blackout blinds made of fabric with honeycomb structure and an internal aluminium layer that retains heat inside the room during cold nights. In kitchens and bathrooms we can install venetian blinds that are fully resistant to water and moisture.

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Original roller blinds are perfectly size-matched to VELUX roof windows, and therefore they do not crease and are easy to use. Depending on the model, they can be operated manually or, when out of reach, with wall keypad (electric or solar-powered), with a phone app if we are using the VELUX ACTIVE system.

The roller blinds' comfort of use is also affected by their quality and the safety of the materials they are made of. In the interest of user safety, our blinds do not use strings or any other hanging elements. The textiles used have the OEKO-TEX® certificate which guarantees that no harmful substances were used in their manufacturing process. VELUX roller blinds are tested to the limits of their durability: they are lowered and raised thousands of times. The fabric they are made of is stretched, pulled, and crumpled to guarantee that it will retain its colour, form, and performance even after the three-year warranty period elapses.

All VELUX interior and exterior roller blinds >

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Irrespective of whether you want to dimming the light, block it completely, or gain protection against heat, our collection or interior and exterior roller blinds offers the perfect solutions for your interior.

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